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Streamline your customer communications to accelerate your
growth with easy to use automations that drives revenue.


Calculate how much more revenue you can generate with Amplify now

Grow your business by converting
more leads and retaining more members
with our automated communications tool

Leads nurtured with Amplify had a 2.5x conversion rate to paying customers

With Amplify you can effectively automate and customise a sequences of messages for your leads that will engage and incentivise them to join your fitness community.

Leverage this tool to give your leads a sneak peak of what being a member of your studio is like and make sure they remember your brand.

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Our customers' results highlight
the positive impact Amplify can have:

  • Bike-row-ski

    BikeRowSki converted 2.7x more leads across their 5 locations over a 6 month period while using Glofox Amplify.

  • beatbox-logo

    BeatBox Dublin achieved a
    28% increase in leads converted with Glofox Amplify over a 6 month period.

Customer stories


I’ve really enjoyed Amplify’s members expiring workflow. We have set up a 7 day and 3 day notification system and our conversion rates on those expiring members has almost doubled. Most people let it expire and come back to us in a few weeks without even thinking about it but now they have an instant trigger and we can capture those payments before they ever expire

Devon Miller

Switch Fitness

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Before moving to Amplify, it would take 4-6 hours to manually download and edit different customer files, organise them per location and import them into separate software. Now Amplify does all of that work for me, it’s already in the system and ready to take our customers on a journey with Bike Row Ski

Stuart Grehan

Bike Row Ski

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With Amplify I know my messages to my customers are going out 100% of the time, while I focus on other areas of my business

James Murphy

Beatbox Boxing

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Leverage customised messaging to onboard and retain new members

At Glofox we understand how important your members are to your studio and fitness community. With our automated messaging tool, Amplify, you can ensure your new members feel at home from their very first day. Ensure you add a personalised touch in your messaging with key info on your studio, promotional offers and social events.

Avoid members expiring and losing touch with your studio

Create automated sequences within Glofox that target any members who are about to expire. Customise your messages to speak directly to your members and remind them why they should stay with your studio.


Expired members are not a lost cause with Glofox's Amplify

Often times members will allow their memberships expire without realising, coming back to the studio weeks later or not coming back at all. Our research shows that it is 5X as expensive to generate new leads than it is to retain existing members so ensuring these members return with ease is essential.

Create automated expired member communications to remind them of their membership, re-engage them in your community and offer them some incentive to rejoin your studio – all with within the automated sequence.