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Community at the core

Community is essential to building and growing a successful boxing studio. Building a loyal community will increase memberships, bolster your brand and encourage success amongst your members. Glofox offers a member’s app that will allow your members to post and share workouts, tips, nutrition plans and more.

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Sales and Retention has never been so easy

Boxing studios are high energy, fast paced environments. Make sure you’re spending less time behind the desk and more time in the ring with your members. With Glofox, you can automate all of your customer communications in a set sequence that will keep your customers, leads and expired members engaged with your studio.

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Less stress, more boxing

Take the stress of booking classes, paying for memberships and updating waivers away from your members with our custom branded Member’s App. Seamless interactions that reduce admin tasks for you and your members.

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Beatbox Boxing customer story

With Glofox I know my messages to my customers are going out 100% of the time, while I focus on other areas of my business

James Murphy

Founder & Owner BeatBox Boxing

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