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For a better member experience

Fully Branded Member App

Enhance your members' experience with a native mobile app they can use to book classes, make purchases, and engage with your studio.
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  • Your-studio-in-the-app-store-new

    Your studio in the app store…

    It’s important you have an app that looks and feels just like your studio! Today, one of the places that your members will expect to find your presence, is in the app store.

  • A-professional-and-convient-app-new

    A professional and convient app

    Some of the most common feedback we get from our customers is the positive member-feedback they get from their customers on the look, feel and ease-of-use of the app. It adds a level of professionalism and simplicity that's hard to beat.

    With your very own branded member app, your members can find classes and book in. They can view their schedule, update their membership plan or buy credits.

  • Accurate-and-easy-to-use-new

    A better member experience

    Keep members informed on studio news and offers. There’s even an online store where they can purchase your merchandise. It’s very easy to use and will help elevate your brand.

Website Schedule Integration

Give your members a unified experience with a branded booking portal on your website.
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  • Keep-your-brand-at-the-forefront-new

    Keep your brand at the forefront

    We understand how your website looks and feels is crucial to your brand's perception and is unique to you. Our website integration will easily build on to what you already have and enhance it to help elevate your brand.

  • Make-it-as-easy-as-possible-for-your-members-new

    Make things easy for your members

    Making sure your members can easily find, view and book classes through your website and app is vital. People get distracted easily, so it’s important when they come to your website to book a class, they do so without any confusion.

  • Fully-customizable-to-your-needs-new

    Fully customisable to your needs

    We’ve developed a calendar and booking system that not only looks great, but will perform seamlessly with your existing website. You can fully customise it to match your brand. Add or remove filters for things like classes, courses, trainers etc. You can even change how it's viewed. Basically, you make it your own so that it fits the needs of you and your members.

Check-in Kiosk

A completely self service solution so your members can book and check into classes.
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  • A-self-service-solution-thats-new-

    A simple self-service solution

    The Check-in Kiosk offers your members an easy-to-use and convenient solution to avoid waiting in line at reception or waiting for a trainer to check them in. It’s 100% self service

  • More-time-to-spend-with-your-members-new

    Spend more time with your members

    The Check-in Kiosk will free up your time ahead of a class. Instead of booking in late arrivals, you can direct them towards the Check-in Kiosk to check themselves in. This will give you more time to spend welcoming newcomers, catching up with members and getting the studio ready for the session.

  • Fill-any-open-slots-ahead-of-a-class-new

    Fill open slots ahead of a class

    Members can use the Check-in Kiosk to see what classes are on right now and if there's an available slot as well as book themselves in on the spot.

Member Store

Drive more revenue into your business by selling products and merchandise through your Member App.
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  • Enhancing-the-member-experience-new

    Enhance your member experience

    Having an online store available through your app not only drives more revenue for your business but also enhances the member experience, by offering them an easy way to view and purchase your products.

  • Make-it-as-easy-as-possible-for-your-members-new

    Intuitive and easy to use

    You can avoid shipping logistics and costs as you can offer studio collection to your members. The system is intuitive and easy to use. Items are marked as collected by your or your staff when the member collects their order.


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