Enhance your member
experience with Glofox
and Trainerize integration

Offer your members new customized workouts, digital coaching, nutrition
and building a community outside of your facilities with the new integrated
Trainerize capabilities 

Support your members on a whole
new level with personalised training,
nutrition and tracking capabilities.

An enhanced member experience powered by mobile

Your members can now train smarter with you and be more accountable for their fitness goals with advanced tracking analysis including: nutrition, food, measurements and progress records all accessible via their mobile device.

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Digital offerings and new memberships to grow your business

Ensure your members are reaching their goals inside and outside of the gym with: 

  • Track workouts and programs 
  • Access to on-demand or library of workouts 
  • Live coaching sessions 
  • Client progress check-in via in-app messaging 
  • Flexibility to workout anywhere, anytime 
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Deliver the very best PT experience 

Grow your PT capabilities like never before, unleashing new revenue streams for your business. With our exclusive Trainerize integration, your members can access online PT sessions and packages, connect with their coach and community, stay accountable to their personalized fitness journey to meet their goals.

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An essential tool that will grow with you

For customers right now, the Trainerize integration will allow your Glofox client data to be synced in real-time to Trainerize. This will eliminate the need to maintain data in both systems and give you time back to focus on other areas of your business. We will continue to develop and advance this product to ensure you have the most effective tools for your growth.

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