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Glofox Announces Dedicated Team to serve Fitness Franchises of Any Size, Anywhere

Glofox Global Franchise Team

Since founding Glofox, we’ve witnessed boutique studio and gym franchise businesses thrive across the globe and we’ve been honored to support some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing brands, like Snap Fitness, 9Round, F45 Training, Club Pilates, Spartans Boxing Club, Air Locker Training and Club Pilates on our journey to date. 

In order to support fitness franchises as they scale internationally, we’ve invested a lot in our product to make it a robust solution for their unique needs. Our recent partnership with ABC Fitness Solutions further bolsters our offering, enabling us to bring even more powerful insights and industry expertise to the table.

Our team has been critical in ensuring success is achieved and with an ever-growing portfolio of brands, we’re now taking this to the next level. I’m delighted to announce that Glofox, as part of ABC Fitness Solutions, is launching a Global Franchise Team. This new team will provide dedicated support services during all aspects of the Franchise customer life cycle, including:

  • New Business Sales
  • Set up and Enablement
  • Data Migration and Implementation
  • New Location Onboarding / Pre Sales
  • Payment Processing and Royalty Collection Services
  • Customer Success
  • Account Management

By providing the end-to-end support for franchise brands, it means a unified partnership and advisory experience for both franchisors and franchisees. This is especially critical as the business scales, looking for further efficiency, and consistency. 

This team brings a combined wealth of industry and franchise experience to ensure we continue to drive our vision of being the market-leading software company for fast-growing international franchises.

Glofox Franchise Team

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Why Fitness Franchise?

Franchising is the most successful business model in fitness. From 2018 to 2021, the top 10 global fitness franchises have shown a compounded annual location growth rate of 18%. 

If you look at the global market penetration by the largest US fitness franchises, the open locations are on average between 30% and 40% of the US locations*. In the top ten in other industries, you see on average 150 to 200% more locations internationally than in the US. These figures coupled with the global trends in increased spending on fitness and wellness activities clearly demonstrate the huge future growth potential in fitness franchising globally.

*Source: Franchise 500

The Challenge for Franchisors

Growing and scaling a global franchise business is incredibly challenging. We understand this firsthand – building a business from a small country like Ireland has required us to think globally from day one. Overcoming legal and regulatory challenges, succeeding in new markets, and finding global solutions is in our DNA. It is who we are. Our franchise team brings this same level of commitment and tenacity to solving problems for our franchise customers.

From speaking to our customers and other franchisees in the market, we understand the key challenges:

  • Legacy software systems are complex
  • Lack of visibility into entire franchise network performance
  • Franchisee onboarding/support lacks industry knowledge
  • Integrated international payment processing and royalty collection

Regardless of your business’s size or growth trajectory,  you have likely experienced some or all of these difficulties.  Our franchise team is here to support you at every stage of the franchise life cycle.

Key Glofox Services at every stage of the Franchise Growth Cycle

Our franchise customer base consists of businesses at every stage of their journey; we work with 5 of the top 10 fitness franchises in the world. As well as supporting these high-growth, industry-leading companies, our team has worked with numerous customers as they successfully transitioned a large number of 1 or 2 location businesses to successful, scaling franchises.

We have built our franchise service offering upon our understanding of the requirements of franchises at various stages of growth.

Glofox Franchise

5 – 30 Locations

We find that the following key services result in the highest impact for your business at this stage.

  • Sales Consult – For a partnership to work, it has to be the right fit. Our dedicated Sales team will determine if Glofox is the right fit, and if not, we can help guide you to a partner that is right for your business.  
  • Enablement – It is crucial that your business is set up for success on Glofox and that the software is configured in the best way for your business model. Our franchise enablement team works with you from start to finish during the sales process to ensure a successful launch on Glofox. 
  • Business Processes and Systems Design – Our team works with our franchise customers to help them build repeatable processes and systems and deliver consistent results using our platform.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager – To scale a business, you need a partner who understands your business and acts as your internal champion. We provide this to all franchises regardless of the size at Glofox.

30+ Locations

At this stage, a successful transition to the right software partner and building the right structure and partner team for scale is paramount.

  • Migration and Implementation – Moving software platforms at this stage is not an easy task or decision but an essential move if it is limiting or impacting growth. Managing that transition successfully while maintaining business operations and data integrity is table stakes. We have a dedicated team to consult with you on this process and build a project plan to ensure success. We have migrated thousands of franchises globally. 
  • New Franchisee Onboarding – Our team will design a bespoke onboarding and training path for your franchisees to ensure they operate Glofox and our services following your franchise model and requirements. 
  • Dedicated Franchise Team – At this size, you need a dedicated team for your franchise network focused on customer success, training and onboarding, and communications. Our franchisee Customer Success Managers either come from a fitness operations background or are trained to understand the industry’s unique challenges.
  • Key Account Manager – We recognize that there are two very distinct parts of the customer at this scale – the franchisees and the corporate team. It is important that your HQ and operations team have a direct point of contact and relationship manager at Glofox and that regular business reviews and meetings are held to ensure your goals are being met.

100+ Locations

At this stage, you have reached a significant scale and are in an elite group of fitness franchises. Therefore, your decisions must be based on reliable data and insights from your network.

  • Network Wide Reporting – At this juncture, data analysis will be key to your growth strategy and decision-making. Our in-house BI tool Glofox Insights and our data team will ensure you have the visibility you need across your entire network. 
  • Franchisee Report Card – Your franchise team at Glofox will send out quarterly report cards to your network on key metrics, support-related items, and upcoming feature releases. We find that consistent communication with the network is key at this scale. 
  • Payment Processing and Royalty Collection – Our team will ensure that you have the right fee structure and efficiency to ensure that the key financial elements of your business are appropriate for a business of your size. We work with multiple partners in different markets and can offer market-leading rates.
  • Franchise Advisory Council – Our key franchise partners are invited to join our advisory council to discuss our product strategy and direction and give direct feedback on market requirements.

Interested in learning more about the Glofox franchise system?

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To see our full feature set and learn about the power of Glofox for fast-growing franchises, visit our dedicated page here.

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