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3 Impactful Glofox Amplify Features to Grow your Business

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At Glofox we are constantly reviewing and enhancing our product offering to ensure our customers and future customers are equipped with all the essential tools to maximize their growth and optimize their member experience in and out of the studio.  

By listening to our customers’ experiences and ensuring industry standards and insights are followed and developed on we are confident that we are providing market-leading features with our customer engagement tool: Amplify. 

Since releasing this new and powerful tool last year, our customers are experiencing exciting success with Amplify with customers experiencing a 2.5x conversion rate to paying members from leads nurtured with Amplify. 

Check out the top new Amplify features released so far this year. 

Member Expiring Workflow: Save members from expiring and losing touch with their studio


Trying to attract new members can cost 5x more than simply retaining your existing members. Often times studio members will allow their memberships to lapse without even realizing which can cause inconsistencies and risks of losing their memberships. One of our customers ‘Switch Playground’ in South Africa shared: 

One of the things I’ve really enjoyed with Amplify is the members expiring workflow. We have set up a 7 day and 3 day notification system and our conversion rates on those expiring members has almost doubled. Most times people let it expire and come back to us in a few weeks without even thinking about it but now they have an instant trigger and we can capture those payments before they ever expire

For a guided tour on this new feature by one of our Product Managers see here.

Message Customization Feature: Customers can leverage customized messages to onboard and retain new members at their studio

With this Amplify feature, Glofox customers can customize their entire message sequence, adding new emails, SMS, and push notifications to any workflow on whatever days they choose. 

All of Amplify’s workflows already feature templates following the industry’s best practices but we that ultimately our customers know their leads and members best. 

Amplify’s customization feature allows them to add additional messages to their automated sequences to engage members in the most appropriate way. Alongside this, our customers have experienced great success with this customization feature by extending their brand voice and tone into their direct messages to members, Devon Miller of Switch Playground SA says: 

At first I just turned on all the automations and I found that we were coming across too sales focused, it didn’t feel organic enough and in our own tone and so we took the time to really focus on our copy and how we were talking to clients and we found we could engage more people as it seemed more genuine

To learn more about this new feature, see our product tour here. 

Member Expired Workflow: Effective Member Retention is the key to healthy Business Growth

5% increase in customer retention can increase business revenue by 25-95%, yet most fitness businesses under-invest in retention. Winning back expired members can be a cost and time-effective exercise for you and your team. 

Our customers know their members’ details, their training history, their habits and more and with effective and personalized messaging they can remind them of what they love so much about their fitness community and brand.

We developed this new Amplify feature to support our customers in their member retention efforts. Our customers have had success with this feature by encouraging expired members back with discount codes, promotional offers and other studio incentives.

For more on this workflow see here

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