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The ABC Glofox 2023 Year in Review


The fitness industry is constantly evolving, with new fitness trends appearing almost every day. At ABC Glofox, we strive to be at the forefront of that change – helping our clients to provide the best possible experience to their members and staff. With that in mind, it was clear that 2023 would be our year to push the ABC Glofox platform to become more innovative, easy to use, and vital in saving our customers time.

It’s safe to say that, thanks to our amazing product team and the feedback from our clients, we have achieved our goal. The ABC Glofox platform is faster, more dynamic, and more resourceful than ever before. Additionally, new features like payroll, spot booking, and our appointments feature have saved our members hundreds of hours over the course of this year.

If you’re looking for an in-depth list of all the features we’ve added or improved over the course of 2023, you’re in the right place.

Let’s go through all the major additions we’ve made to the ABC Glofox platform in 2023.

Our Major 2023 Product Releases:  

  • Amplify Updates 
  • Appointments Feature 
  • Promo Codes 
  • Reporting Dashboards 
  • Trainerize Integration  
  • Improved Communication Features 
  • Payroll and Pay Rates 
  • Spot Booking 


Amplify is our automated messaging tool. This tool means you never miss an opportunity to gain a new member or enhance your member experiences. Throughout 2023, we added a number of updates that significantly improved Amplify’s ability to generate leads and improve member retention for our customers.  

Personalized emails, SMS, and push notifications sequences 

Along with the tailor-made automated messaging workflows of the Amplify platform, we’ve also added in a new feature that allows you to customize any workflow to suit your business needs.

Now, you can add new emails, SMS, and push notifications to all Amplify workflows, giving you full customization of your sequence of messages when: 

  • Converting new leads   
  • Onboarding new clients    
  • Retaining expiring members    
  • Reengaging lost members 

This allows you to create a unique member experience, creating key email, SMS, and push notifications to keep them engaged with your business. It also makes it much easier to re-engage lost or expiring members, significantly increasing your chances of keeping them as paying customers.  

Automatically log member interactions from Amplify workflows 

This year also saw ABC Glofox customers gain full visibility into how they engage with leads and members. Now, Amplify-sent messages are automatically logged in member profiles as interactions. With this update, you can now see how engaged your customers are in your communications.  

Monthly Loyalty Milestones 

We understand that ensuring members attend your gym or studio frequently is a great indicator of their long-term retention and loyalty to your brand. With Amplify’s new workflow, Monthly Loyalty Milestones, you can automatically message members with emails, SMS, and push notifications based on how many times they visit in the current month.     

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Managing and organizing appointments is an essential tool for all fitness businesses. Classes, appointments, and sessions are core to our customer’s livelihood. These updates and enhancements have had impactful results for our customers, promoting consistent cash flow and revenue, improved member experience, and unified and empowered teams at the businesses we partner with. 

Recurring Appointments 

In 2023, we redefined the power and impact Appointment features have for our customers. We kicked the year off with the launch of Recurring Appointment Bookings, available for any customer on the new version of Appointments. 

This update enables multiple appointments to be created simultaneously for up to 6 months in one booking from your Dashboard, saving hours of admin time and ensuring members secure their preferred weekly slot.

Trainer Availability for Appointments   

We further developed enhancements to Appointments with the launch of Trainer Availability for client-facing appointment bookings. This allowed Admins, trainers, and receptionists to be able to set trainer hours for Variable Appointments on the Dashboard Calendar under the ‘Appointment Availability’ button.    

This update was a huge win for customers, now allowing gym and studio staff to manage their own schedules, letting operators and owners take a more backseat approach.

Promo codes

Web Integration, Credit Packs & Usage Limits  

This year saw us announce some exciting updates to promo codes.

With these updates, ABC Glofox customers can now set a limit on how many times each member can use the promo code, helping them to better control the offers they share with their members. 

Promo codes are now usable for credit pack purchases and membership purchases. Members using the Member App (and Web Integration if enabled), will be presented with the promo code field where they can enter and apply a promo code. 

Paired with our Amplify add-on, these promo codes are an exceptional way of getting new members in the door and staying long-term.


Our reporting tools are essential drivers for our customers to run their business in an informed and intelligent way. This feature helps members by saving time in key areas of growth and opportunity, doubling down on revenue drivers, and gaining valuable insights into members and their behaviors. 

Sales Reports

The Sales Report layout on the ABC Glofox platform has been revamped, featuring two distinct tabs for improved navigation. The first tab provides an enhanced overview of key sales figures, meaning you can now more easily compare sales for different time periods. You can do this through both the additional information presented and through the newly designed interactive visualization. This visualization allows you to easily observe sales trends over time and compare them against previous data.

The second tab provides a comprehensive breakdown of sales categorized for the selected period. Both tabs benefit from all the reporting enhancements we have delivered on recent updates. These include report speed improvements, a more intuitive download experience, and customizable data tables.

You can find more comprehensive details of this feature in our knowledge base article here.

Improved Visits Report 

With this update, you can now see how often your clients are visiting your location for a customizable period. ‘Visits’ combines client data from class/appointment attendance and access scanning to give you a clear picture of your client visit activity.     

You can use this information to reward frequent visitors or to help understand and improve the performance of clients who have a poor visit rate.

Paired with our messaging platform, this data can help you spot trends in your client journeys and highlight when clients are beginning to reduce their visits, allowing you to reach out to them and re-engage. 

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Discount Insights 

To support customers in gaining a better understanding of their discounts and promotions performance, this year we added a new insights tab allowing you to review insights and direct future offers to members.

With this data, you will be able to see how your discounts are being used and easily gauge how effective your promotions are. Each Discount will have its own Insights tab, giving you even more in-depth information about how your customers are engaging with your discounts.  

Member Communication Features 

Engaging your members with purposeful messages, incentives, and promotions supports a healthy and thriving fitness community that will drive loyalty to your studio or gyms. At ABC Glofox, we are always developing and creating essential tools to support these efforts and make it as easy, quick, and seamless as possible. 

One-off email blasts 

You can now easily send email blasts to communicate with your entire community. This can be extremely useful for a range of scenarios, such as: 

  • Promotional campaigns, such as seasonal or other special occasions. 
  • Recurring newsletters, to engage with members. 
  • Mandatory alerts, such as the studio being closed on a certain day. 

Members can now directly reply to your emails 

This release enables members to easily reply to emails they receive from you, and their replies will be sent to your studio email. This ensures all replies from members go directly to your existing email client, centralizing all of their questions, and ensuring you can quickly reply to your members. 

SMS Enhancements 

SMS has an average open rate of 98%, making it one of the most powerful ways to engage with your members.  

Not only is it great for quick announcements, but it can also be an excellent method of promoting discounts or other campaigns you may be running. To help boost your experience with SMS and ABC Glofox, we’ve added a few new features. 

Some core updates made this year include: 

  • Automated SMSs to remind members of their upcoming classes and appointment bookings.
  • Automated SMSs to celebrate members’ birthdays.
  • Automated SMSs to remind members to renew their memberships.

2-Way SMS 

This is currently in early access in the US, with support across other regions coming early next year 

Up until now, all SMS you sent was 1-way only, with no ability for members to reply back directly. With this release, members can now easily reply to SMS they receive, and this exchange is shown in the new Conversations dashboard. This means operators have a new centralized inbox to view and engage back and forth with members. 

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Trainerize Integration 

This year, in Q2, we joined forces with ABC Trainerize to bring a market-leading integration to our customers that will enhance their members’ experience in and out of the studio.  

With this integration, you will be able to offer a complete 360° coaching experience, including fitness, habit, and nutrition coaching, and meet clients wherever they are – be it in-studio, at home, or on the go – while still maintaining the management and operation of your studio or gym. :  

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Payroll and Payrates

For most businesses, payroll is an essential part of the weekly, monthly, and annual operations. For gyms and studios, tracking the different pay rates of classes and the payments to staff can quickly become a nightmare. This is why this year we focused on developing a new payroll & pay rate feature for customers. 

This feature allows you to streamline your payroll operations, saving you precious time to focus on other, more important aspects of your business. 

Trainer Rates with Glofox Payroll  

We are ending 2023 with a string of enhancements to our new Pay Rates feature and one that is dedicated to the needs of fitness operators. We’ve introduced the capability to assign trainers a distinct pay rate. This update will provide you and your team with greater flexibility and control in managing your trainer’s compensation.

With the new Trainer Rates feature, you will get: 

  • A Flexible Pay Structure: Offer varied compensation based on the trainer’s experience, qualifications, or performance.   
  • Enhanced Efficiency:  Save time and reduce errors that occur when processing your trainers’ pay rates manually.  
  • Incentivize Your Trainers: Offering higher pay rates based on experience or performance can help to motivate your trainers.    
  • Adaptability to Market Changes: The ability to adjust pay rates ensures your studio remains competitive in the market. 

Spot Booking 

We spoke with our customers and realized that their members needed a way of reserving their favorite spot in their spin, boxing, yoga, Pilates, and other classes, and so Spot Booking was created. 

This year, we developed a customer-facing feature that allows members to choose the spot that suits them best. Whether it’s front and center with you or at the back where they can go at their own pace, now they can reserve their spot and relax before your class. 

You can learn all about our Spot Booking features here

Thank You

None of these features would have been developed without our members’ feedback, requests, and input. At the end of a stellar year, we would just like to take a moment to give thanks to all of our devoted customers who have helped our incredible research and development team bring our product to the next level.

But this isn’t the end of our ABC Glofox improvements: it’s just the beginning. 2024 will see a wide range of improvements coming to our platform, so stay tuned.

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